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Tell Roku to Drop One America News Network!

Fox News and its peddling of hateful, racist conspiracy theories such as the "Grea...

Faithful America

Tell Arkansas governor: Veto extreme anti-LGBTQ bill

The religious right's anti-LGBTQ panic is reaching new extremes in Arkansas, and F...

Faithful America

Tell Donorbox: Ban "Gays Against Groomers" now

Just days after the horrific anti-LGBTQ violence at Club Q in Colorado Springs, th...

National Immigration Forum

Urge Congress to Enact a Permanent Solution for Dreamers

Over ten years ago, hundreds of thousands of undocumented young immigrants who cam...

Beyond Plastics

Amazon: Stop Polluting Our Planet With Plastic Packaging

From polystyrene peanuts to non-recyclable bubble wrap to plastic-wrapped pouches ...

Scenic America

Tell Congress: Protect Trees, Not Billboards!

Did you know that in 32 states it's legal for outdoor advertising companies to cut...

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UltraViolet is a powerful and rapidly growing community of people mobilized to fight sexism and create a more inclusive world that accurately represents all women.

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