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National Small Business Advocacy Council

Stand Up for Equitable Small Business Aid Programs!

Our small businesses are at risk, and your support can make a real difference! ...

Fight For $15

Tell CEOs: Every Company, Every Industry: Unions for ALL

No matter which CEO is defending their multi-million dollar salary while attacking...

Adalah Justice Project

Tell Pres. Biden to Demand a Permanent Ceasefire

The Biden White House believes that it can wait out our anger over the genocide in...


End Junk Fees!

Ticketmaster adding on big fees at checkout? Hotels slipping in a resort fee? Airl...


Stand Up to TurboTax. Make Tax Filing Free For All!

A shocking new report found that Intuit (TurboTax) receives more money each year i...


Tell Congress: Tax-Deductible Gifts Must Go to Charities

Billionaires are increasingly abusing loopholes in the tax code to warehouse their...

Featured cause

RAICES fights for immigration rights because they believe all people have the right to seek a safe and secure future for their families.

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