Be Heard &
Grow Your Cause

Forget petitions. Help your supporters write Congress directly with our next-gen messaging campaigns.

A More-Effective Advocacy Platform

Imagine if everyone that signed your last petition had instead written their actual Congress members in real-time—instantly supporting your cause in a more meaningful way. We make it possible...

Launching a Campaign is Easy

Write It

Come up with a short headline asking, thanking or telling Congress members what to do. See some examples.

Build It

Create a campaign around your headline with image, chamber/party targeting and optional message.

Launch It

Share your campaign everywhere enabling folks to write their Senators and Reps in support of your cause.

Perfect for Your Cause

Advocacy Groups

Empower your phone-shy supporters and others to act fast and be heard. Perfect for grassroots or huge Orgs.

Journalists & Media Outlets

Your content motivates readers in a big way. Don’t miss another perfectly-timed chance to help them effect change.

Political Campaigns

Build goodwill with voters, grow your list and showcase where you stand on key issues by offering a valuable tool folks love.

Companies & Associations

Make a statement and empower your audience to speak on issues that affect your business and beyond.

Campaign Highlights

  • Delivery for U.S. Senators & Reps
  • Feature your logo and colors
  • Grow your email & SMS lists
  • About (40-50%) provide cell numbers
  • Free to below-cost options
  • Target Dems & Republicans
  • Optimized for mobile

Affordable Impact

In the spirit of effecting change, we don’t charge platform fees and message delivery is free or below cost. In trade, we offer folks the chance to join our list from every campaign.

U.S. House per-message fees

  • Free

    Send unlimited messages for no charge. We’re a certified House vendor and deliver via their CWC digital system.

U.S. Senate per-message fees

Unlike The House, it’s not possible to volume-message the Senate for free—hopefully in the future though.

  • $.04

    Fax with contact-form fallback (About 75% fax, 25% contact form)

  • $.08

    Contact forms exclusively (Likely more effective as they’re easier to tally etc…)

Own Your Relationships

Unlike and others, we believe that if a supporter has agreed to join your SMS or email list, you should be able to securely ad them for free. It’s that simple.

Your Control Center

Our easy-to-use admin tools enable you to create and manage campaigns, track stats in real-time and securely access opt-in supporter CSVs at anytime.

  • Built for agencies and orgs
  • Effortless credit card billing
  • Role-based team controls
  • Unlimited active campaigns

Publish Impactful Open Letters

Publicly showcase stories from your community with ease. Supporters can pre-grant permissions, and you simply publish what you wish from the “For Review” tab.

Stand Up America

We’ve delivered 149,000+ constituent messages to Congress helping Stand Up supporters fight Trumpcare, Russian meddling and more.

NARAL Pro-Choice America

We worked with multiple NARAL chapters to help their community of over a million be heard on urgent healthcare issues.