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Want to fight Trump, influence lawmakers and help 1000s back your progressive cause? We’ve got you covered!


...but, instead of just collecting random names, we help folks urge their actual U.S. and state officials to support your cause with realtime letters and phone calls.

We offer a new, more-meaningful way for nonprofits, candidates, schools, writers, unions, associations, clubs and YOU to demand change and rally folks to action, for free.

We've helped these groups deliver over 300,000 letters. Now with our NEW public-access platform, it’s your turn!

Official Communications

We use approved digital channels to direct constituent letters and phone calls to U.S. Congress members, state legislators and governors. And we’re proud to be one of only 36 official delivery agents for the U.S. Congress.

Most messages and calls are grouped by issue and tallied accordingly. Effectively making for a “soft vote” on issues in a way that conventional petitions simply can’t.

“So What? Officials Don’t Listen!”

Not true, check out the research. While all battles can’t be won, tons at the state and federal levels are, owing greatly to thoughtful constituent emails and phone calls.


Help With Promotion

Most campaigns will be shared with our community for free. We can also take things to the next level with expert Facebook ads.


Own Your Relationships

Unlike other platforms, if a supporter chooses to share their info with you, you can securely add them to your SMS and email lists.

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The Platform for Progressive Change

We built Civic Shout to help individuals and groups make the world more just, inclusive and fact-focused.

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