Meet Spark!

A mini grant from Civic Shout that gives our qualified partners 1,000 free new-to-list opt-ins, every month.

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Great. Tell me more...

You may already know that Civic Shout is a popular paid acquisition platform that helps progressive causes and campaigns grow their opt-in email and SMS lists.

To aid these causes and build excitement around Civic Shout, we give qualified partners 1,000 free national opt-ins every month (a recurring $1,250 value) for use on our platform—this is Spark.

“Spark has been an awesome way to elevate our great work and build up our list with engaged supporters.

Free Press
Dutch Cosmian • Senior Digital Director

“Do I qualify?”

We offer Spark to progressive nonprofits when their uploaded email suppression list on our platform is under 500,000. The grant is also great for agencies with nonprofit clients.

What if my suppression list is over 500k?

“How do I apply?”

There’s not a grant application per se. Either book a demo to learn more or request an invite now via any sign up button. If we extend an invite and you meet the requirements listed above, you’ll be able to immediately start claiming your free opt-ins.

How to get your 1,000 free monthly opt-ins:

  1. Publish petition

    Publish a petition on Civic Shout that would resonate with your ideal supporters. You can reuse content from a petition you have elsewhere, create a new one, or let us write them for you for free.

  2. Boost it

    When and if your suppression list is under 500k, you’ll have automatic access to 1,000 free opt-in credits every month. Likewise for qualified client accounts if you’re an agency.

    You can then boost a petition with your opt-in credits and we’ll immediately begin promoting it to our activist network of over 12 million until you get your 1,000 opt-in supporters.

  3. Access opt-ins in realtime

    Contact info: first, last, zip, email, and cell number (if provided) will start coming in within minutes of boosting. You can download CSVs 24/7 or connect your Action Network, EveryAction, or NGP VAN account to automate syncing.

“What if my suppression list is over 500k?”

You can still get a ton of value from Spark!

Technically, to be eligible for Spark, your uploaded email suppression list on Civic Shout only needs to be less than 500,000 when you’re actively using your 1,000 free opt-in credits to boost a petiton in a given month.

Any other time, you can upload your full suppression list to ensure you’re only getting new-to-list while doing paid acquisition or redeeming opt-ins earned through our Exchange Progam.

It’s also common for groups with larger lists to strategically upload a suppression list under 500k and use Spark to run highly-efficient reactivation campaigns—helping them win back thousands of previously inactive supporters and some new ones, for free.


Spark provides opt-in credits for use on our paid acquisition platform. You can learn all about the platform and get answers to common questions on our homepage.

“We’re seeing ROI that’s much better than Facebook ads.”

Environmental Action
Pat Kelly-Fischer • Digital Fundraising Manager

98% of our Civic Shout opt-ins are still subscribed after several weeks.”

Woolf Strategy
Connor Larsen • Comms Strategist

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