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Unbeatable pricing

“Head-to-head against several acquisition channels, Civic Shout won, with over 200% ROAS in two months.”

Brian O’Grady • Clarify Agency
National opt-ins


Pay as you go
with $19k+ prepayment
with $49k+ prepayment
State opt-ins


Pay as you go
with $19k+ prepayment
with $49k+ prepayment

Prepayments can be used across your account for national and state purchases. Prices are per opt-in and include first, last, zip, email, and cell when it’s provided Contact sales to learn more or to make a prepayment.

How cost affects your ROI

Given a comparable batch of opt-ins, as cost-per-lead decreases, so does time to breakeven—allowing you to raise notably more money over a 6-12 month period.

Work at an agency?

Firms you know, like Blue State, Middle Seat, and M+R are already on Civic Shout, so you’re in good company.

And if you’re eager to level up your client’s results, our prepayment discounts can provide the acquisition edge you’re looking for.

About “opt-outs”

Opt-outs (a.k.a emails bought and sold against their owner’s wishes) may be “cheap”—but come with huge downsides like dismal engagement, channel deterioration, brand damage, and spam complaints that can tank deliverability in one send.

In an effort to keep email sustainable, we asked staff from top digital agencies one important question regarding fundraising, “At what cost-per-lead might our national opt-ins outperform spam leads on ROI?“

The average answer was $0.83—positioning our $0.75 opt-ins as a solution against “opt-outs” while meeting the ROI goals of today’s most demanding email programs.

Around 20% of your petition signers will also provide cell numbers

Growing your email list is great. Growing an opt-in SMS list at the same time (for no additional cost) is even better.

“We’re seeing ROI that’s much better than Facebook ads.”

Environmental Action
Pat Kelly-Fischer • Digital Fundraising Manager

“The remaining acquisition budget I have I would put into Civic Shout at this point.”

Democratic Party of Wisconsin
Gordie Murphy • Digital Ads Director

“National Facebook opt-ins are around $2-10 these days. The fact that these are as low as $0.75 each is incredible.”

M + R
Hunter Froelich • Associate Media Director
A few of our partners A few of our partners


Can my agency spend our prepaid balance across all clients?

Yes! Prepaid investments (with discounts up to 40%) provide a great way to level up your margins or take your client’s ROI to the next level.

When do I get charged for “pay as you go” opt-ins?

For our “pay as you go” base pricing tier, your card will only be charged after your order has been fulfilled. And, since you can cancel the boost at any time from the petition’s dashboard, there’s zero risk to giving it a shot.

How many opt-ins I can purchase?

With our “pay as you go” pricing tier, the minimum order is 100 opt-ins and the max is 20,000. When you bump up to our discounted prepayment tiers (for up to 40% off), you can prepay for hundreds of thousands of opt-ins if we’re confident we can provide enough volume for your particular use case.

“We’ve seen very high action rates!

Kathy Plate • Director of Growth