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If you’re a progressive Org, company or politician that’s working to improve the world, we should talk.

After the ill-fated presidential election of 2016, we were moved to help progressive America amplify its voice in Washington. The result was a innovative Facebook Messenger bot that enabled folks to look up their MoCs, write a letter and have it faxed directly to their offices. It worked like a charm and people loved it, but we needed scale to have an impact. So we partnered with notable progressive orgs such as Stand Up America and NARAL. Their supporters took immediate action against Trumpcare, the GOP tax scam and Russian meddling. More than 100,000 constituent faxes were delivered in no time, and that was just the beginning...

Since then, we’ve run a lot of traffic, developed strategy and iterated the product to its current high-converting web format. We’ve cracked the code on delivering affordable growth for our partners and constituent advocacy at the same time. It’s a totally new approach—that works, and we’re excited to provide results for your organization. To receive a detailed PDF and learn more, reach out to

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Recipient Targeting

  • U.S. Senators & House Reps
  • Republicans, Dems or both
  • D.C. or district offices

Campaign Types

  • Free, partner branded
  • Fully-managed, sponsored