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Gain mission-aligned email & SMS subscribers for your progressive cause or campaign—for free.

A few of our partners:
A few of our partners A few of our partners

Imagine gaining up to 4,000 new supporters every month (for free), without…

  • Unpredictable Facebook ads
  • Going back and forth with list rentals or swaps
  • Changing your tactics or adding to your workload
opt-in email & sms

Our two-part approach to list growth makes it happen

Our two-part approach to list growth makes it happen

Progressive partner network

Becoming a Civic Shout member means your organization is part of an invite-only network of progressive causes—helping each other gain opt-in supporters via petition cross-promotion.

Purpose-built technology

Our lightweight petition platform (designed to complement your current advocacy tools, not replace them) powers our lead capture and promotion functionality.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Request an invite to join our partner network and access all features of our free platform
  2. Create a Civic Shout petition with your cause’s branding and share it with your email and SMS lists
  3. For every 4 signatures you generate, you’ll earn a credit good for one new opt-in supporter. And unlike joint actions, folks aren’t automatically joining several other lists when they sign your petition
  4. We’ll then promote your petition to like-minded activists via our “suggested petitions” carousel until you’ve gained all the new opt-in supporters owed to you

How we promote your petitions

If we owe you supporters (because you’ve earned or purchased credits), we’ll show your petitions to like-minded activists after they sign petitions from our partners via our “suggested petitions” carousel.

How our credit system works

Credits represent the number of new email subscribers we owe you at any given time. They can be earned by generating signatures on your Civic Shout petitions or purchased.

Earn credits

by generating signatures

For every 4 people that sign your petitions, you’ll earn 1 credit—good for a new supporter who has opted-in to your list and is eager to hear from you.

You can earn up to 4,000 credits per month—equalling 48,000 new supporters for your cause per year, for free.

Buy credits

by purchasing them directly

If you’d like to gain new supporters beyond your own promotional efforts, you can purchase credits directly for $1.25 each from your dashboard.

This provides an effective and easy alternative to unpredictable ad buys and slow-moving list rentals.

Ethical acquisition

Our system is strictly opt-in for activists—ensuring partners can only access contact info if signers of their Civic Shout petitions have chosen to join their lists. Period.

Better deliverability

Unlike most petitions, we prominently display a clearly written disclaimer and checkbox that makes it obvious activists are joining your list—giving them the option to sign without joining and reducing your spam complaints in the process.

Higher-intent leads

Our system is designed to source opt-ins exclusively from our partners’ email and SMS lists. And since these activists have to jump through hoops (receive email, open, click, enter info, and sign), they’ve shown to be more active than those acquired via Facebook ads.

Free to use

We’re supported by revenue from partners who buy credits to promote their petitions. This makes it free to join our network, access all features, and earn up to 4,000 new supporters every month.

Around 20% of our petition signers also offer cell numbers

Growing your email list is great. Growing an opt-in SMS list at the same time (for no additional cost) is even better!

The easiest way to manage list growth

List suppression

To ensure only new names are added to your list, we offer the easiest-to-use suppression tools around.

Our SHA-256 hash file system is lightning fast and notably more secure than outdated MD5 systems.

Syncing & data validation

To help protect your sender reputation, we use a 3rd party validation service to ensure email and cell numbers are valid to a 97% accuracy rate. If they pass the test, they’re added to downloadable CSVs or synced with your Action Network or EveryAction account.

We’re here to help

Most partners are set up and ready to share their first petition in about 30 minutes. And if you ever need any help, email us for a quick response or schedule a Zoom call.

Our trusted partner network

Becoming a Civic Shout member means your organization is part of our growing invite-only network of progressive causes — pulling together in a new way to grow their communities and improve the world.

Our members align on progressive issues exclusively. If your cause does as well, you should join us.


What about my existing petition/advocacy software?

Civic Shout is designed to complement your existing advocacy tools and strategies, not replace them.

Although high-converting petition software is at our core, it’s in service of list growth, not advocacy per se. So you can keep using your existing tools.

Just set aside 1-3 sends per month (depending on the size of your list) to share your Civic Shout petitions with your email and/or SMS communities. This simple approach will help you gain up to 4,000 new supporters every month, for free.

How can Civic Shout be free to use?

Civic Shout is free to use because partners often purchase credits directly from us to grow their opt-in email and SMS lists. This revenue is what keeps the platform up and running for all of us.

It also enables groups to go far beyond their free monthly earned-credit limit of 4,000—increasing their impact without relying solely on stressful Facebook ads or list rentals.

What are Civic Shout credits and what do they cost?

Civic Shout credits represent the number of new email community members we owe your organization at any given time (1 credit = 1 new opt-in supporter).

Credits can be earned by generating signatures on your Civic Shout petitions or purchased directly from your dashboard for $1.25 each. You can always view your current credit total from there as well.

The minimum buy amount is just 100 credits ($125), so you can jump in and get a feel for the ease of the process at any time.

To tap into a steady stream of new supporters at a discounted rate, we offer subscription options. Email us to learn more.

What kinds of organizations can join Civic Shout?

Civic Shout is for large and small progressive groups that want to grow their national email lists and are dedicated to making the world more just and inclusive.

Some of our current partners are working to protect the environment, expand voting rights and civil rights, fight for economic justice, stand up for the rights of women, immigrants, and the LGBTQ+ community, and more.

The platform is open to 501(c)(3) and (c)(4) organizations, labor unions, Democratic campaigns, PACs, and socially responsible businesses.

How many new supporters can I acquire for free each month?

You can earn up to 4,000 free credits each calendar month by generating signatures on your Civic Shout petitions. For example, you could earn 4,000 credits in January and another 4,000 in February – ensuring you’ll receive 8,000 new-to-list. But if you only earned 2,000 in January, your February limit for free credits is still just 4,000.

Your organization can get the most out of Civic Shout by making sure you’re earning all 4,000 potential credits before the end of each month. It’s easy to check your real-time credit balance anytime from your dashboard.

In the case that you accidentally overshoot your monthly earned credit limit of 4,000 (because one of your petitions converted better than expected, etc.), you can have up to 500 of those credits deducted from next month’s allotment of 4,000 to account for the current month’s overage.

How many opt-in SMS subscribers can I expect to acquire?

Based on our data, roughly 20% of the people who sign up for an organization’s email list using Civic Shout also sign up to receive text messages from the organization. So, for example, if you earn the maximum of 4,000 credits in a given month, you can anticipate gaining roughly 800 SMS members free of charge.

Can I add my logo and brand colors to Civic Shout petitions?

Yes! You can easily upload your logo and specify your primary and secondary brand colors. They will be included automatically in the design of every petition you create.

I’ve earned some credits by sharing my petitions, now what?

When you have a credit balance on your account (from earned or purchased credits) we’ll show your petitions to like-minded activists in our network until the same number have chosen to sign on and join your list.

As activists sign and opt to join your list, you’ll be able to access their contact info immediately from your dashboard and in Action Network or EveryAction if you’ve connected them.

Depending on how well your specific petition is converting and the level of activity on Civic Shout at any given time, you should receive all supporter contact info owed to you over a period of about 2-3 weeks from the time you started generating signatures on it.

How do you ensure only email-sourced activists will join my lists?

Members in our partner network agree to only share their petitions with their email and SMS lists, rather than promoting them on Facebook or elsewhere. Our system can also infer what sources traffic is coming from to ensure partners are following membership guidelines.

How can I access my opt-in supporters’ contact info?

The best way to access supporter contact information is by using our secure integrations with Action Network or EveryAction. If you don’t use one of those services for your email program, you can easily download CSVs 24/7 through your petition’s dashboard.

Is Civic Shout great for agencies?

Yes! Civic Shout was built with agencies and consulting firms in mind. By selecting Agency as your "Organization type" when requesting your Civic Shout invite, your account will be configured for agency usage. This way, you’ll be able to easily manage multiple client accounts with secure user roles for your staff.

How will you securely manage my suppression list?

Our advanced SHA-256 hashing tool handles all data processing in your browser via Javascript—ensuring data never leaves your machine during the hashing process. In fact, you can even use it when you’ve turned off your WiFi for total peace of mind. You can check it out here.

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Imagine when your team hears you’ve added another 4,000 supporters—for free

  • Pay nothing to join the network and use our platform
  • Gain up to 4,000 eager supporters a month for free
  • Buy credits to gain up to 5,000 more per order
  • Grow your opt-in SMS list for no additional fee