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“A wildly better way to grow your email list!”
Environmental Action
Trusted by over 300 partners
A few of our partners A few of our partners

“A wildly better way to grow your email list!”

Environmental Action
Pat Kelly-Fischer • Digital Fundraising Manager

What is Civic Shout, exactly?

It’s a new twist on opt-in list growth consisting of two parts: our activist network and petition platform that helps you reach them.

Our activist network

We’ve cultivated a partner network that includes over 11 million progressives who donate, take action, and want to hear from causes like yours.

The tools to reach them

We’ve also created a lightweight petition platform that helps you reach the right folks in our network to grow your national and statewide email & SMS lists.

“The remaining acquisition budget I have I would put into Civic Shout at this point.”

Democratic Party of Wisconsin
Gordie Murphy • Digital Ads Director

“We created our account on Friday and had 1,500 opt-ins by the end of the day!

M + R
Hunter Froelich • Associate Media Director

“We’re seeing ROI that’s much better than Facebook ads.”

Environmental Action
Pat Kelly-Fischer • Digital Fundraising Manager

It takes no time to set up, unlike social ads.”

Woolf Strategy
Connor Larsen • Comms Strategist

Around 20% of your petition signers will also provide cell numbers

Growing your email list is great. Growing an opt-in SMS list at the same time (for no additional cost) is even better.

Qualified nonprofits get 1,000 opt-ins every month, for free!

This is a big deal. Imagine what acquiring 1,000 new-to-list national supporters (every month, for free) would do for your fundraising or advocacy efforts.
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+11 Million

Activists in our combined partner network could see your Civic Shout petitions.


Of our partners are progressive groups or Democratic campaigns.

A few of our partners A few of our partners

How to go from login to your first opt-in within 30 minutes

How to go from login to your first opt-in within 30 minutes

(Something you can’t say about Facebook or other list-growth services.)

  1. Publish a petition

    Either copy and paste content from a petition you already have or create one from scratch on our platform.

    Then, securely upload your hashed suppression list to ensure you’re only paying for new-to-list opt-ins.

  2. Boost it

    Hit your petition’s “Boost” button, input how many new-to-list opt-ins you’d like, add a card to your account, and we’ll immediately begin promoting it to our activist network.

    And unlike Facebook boosts, Civic Shout is based on a fixed cost that’s low as $0.75 per opt-in—so you’ll know exactly what you’ll get for your budget.

  3. Access opt-ins in realtime

    Contact info: first, last, zip, email, and cell number (if provided) will start coming in within minutes of boosting. You can download CSVs 24/7 or connect your Action Network, EveryAction, or NGP VAN account to automate syncing.

Qualified nonprofits get 1,000 free national opt-ins every month! Learn more

“I was surprised how easy it was to use. There’s nothing like it.”

Stand Up America
Carolyn Freeman • Director of Digital Growth

“We just copy and paste petition content we’re already using elsewhere, hit boost, and watch the opt-ins roll in.”

Democratic Party of Wisconsin
Gordie Murphy • Digital Ads Director

How we promote your petitions

When you boost petitions, we’ll promote them to our in-house email community and/or show them to like-minded activists via our “suggested petitions carousel”.

They’re redirected to the carousel after signing Civic Shout petitions.

Your message, your branding

Reach new donors, voters, and activists with petitions that highlight your brand and message in a memorable way. To see a live carousel right now, just head to our homepage and sign any petition.

Ethical acquisition

Our system is strictly opt-in for activists—ensuring partners can only access contact info if signers of their Civic Shout petitions have chosen to join their lists. Period.

Qualified nonprofits get 1,000 free national opt-ins every month! Learn more

Why Civic Shout opt-ins are better

Email-sourced supporters

Unlike Care2 or Facebook, we generate petition views exclusively from our own email list and from the lists of partners in our petition cross-promotion network.

Since these email-sourced activists have to jump through hoops (receive email, open, click, and sign a petition before landing on the carousel), they’re higher quality opt-ins than ones sourced from ads or elsewhere.

Opt-in mechanism

Unlike most petitions, we prominently display a disclaimer and checkbox that makes it obvious to activists that they have the option to join your list and that they can sign without subscribing.

This increases opt-in quality and helps filter out leads who are not likely to engage or those more at risk of flagging your emails as spam.

“We’ve seen very high action rates!

Kathy Plate • Director of Growth

98% of our Civic Shout opt-ins are still subscribed after several weeks.”

Woolf Strategy
Connor Larsen • Comms Strategist

“National Facebook opt-ins are around $2-10 these days. The fact that these are as low as $0.75 is incredible.”

M + R
Hunter Froelich • Associate Media Director

Managing list-growth campaigns has never been this easy

Before creating Civic Shout, we’d been growing lists for over 10 years ourselves, so we built the software we always wanted.

A petition dashboard with realtime data.

List suppression

To ensure only new names are added to your list, we offer the easiest-to-use suppression tools around.

Our SHA-256 hash file system is lightning fast and notably more secure than outdated MD5 systems.

Syncing & data validation

To help protect your sender reputation, we use a 3rd party validation service to validate email and cell numbers. If they pass the test, they’re added to downloadable CSVs or synced with your Action Network, EveryAction, or NGP VAN account.

We’re here to help

“When we needed a little help, we got it immediately.”

Environmental Action
Pat Kelly-Fischer • Digital Fundraising Manager
A few of our partners A few of our partners

Unlike Facebook ads:

  • You’re not wrestling with Ads Manager or creating tons of creative in hopes of getting a decent CPA

  • You’re not stuck because your Facebook pixel still won’t fire or because your “verified” account has been disabled at the worst possible time

Qualified nonprofits get 1,000 national free opt-ins every month! Learn more


How can I boost my petitions and what does it cost?

From the dashboard of any published petition you’ll find the yellow “Boost Petition” button...

Hit it, tell us how many opt-ins you’d like to purchase (1 opt-in = 1 new-to-list subscriber), input your credit or debit card details or add to your prepaid account for discounts, then hit the “Place Order” button. That’s it.

We’ll immediately start showing it to activists who are likely to subscribe to your list until all of your opt-ins have been redeemed.

Minimum boost is just 100 opt-ins, max is 20,000, and when your order has been fulfilled, you can immediatly re-up.

For "pay as you go" opt-ins, your card will only be charged after your order has been completed and you can cancel the boost at anytime from the petition’s dashboard if needed. So there’s zero risk to giving it a shot. Learn more on our pricing page.

Can I acquire opt-ins just from the states I want?

Yes! You can target your boosts to reach only folks in one or more of the 50 states, including DC and Puerto Rico.

What about my existing petition/advocacy software?

Civic Shout is designed to complement your existing advocacy tools and strategies, not replace them.

Although high-converting petition software is at our core, it’s in service of list growth. So you can keep using your existing tools for your acutely-focused advocacy needs.

What kinds of organizations can join Civic Shout?

Civic Shout is for large and small progressive groups and campaigns that want to grow their national or state email lists and are dedicated to making the world more just and inclusive.

Some of our current partners are working to protect the environment, expand voting rights and civil rights, fight for economic justice, stand up for the rights of women, immigrants, and the LGBTQ+ community, and more.

The platform is open to 501(c)(3) and (c)(4) organizations, labor unions, Democratic campaigns, PACs, and socially responsible businesses.

How many opt-in SMS subscribers can I expect to acquire?

Roughly 20% of the people who sign up for an organization’s email list using Civic Shout also sign up to receive text messages from the organization. So, for example, if you purchase 5,000 opt-ins, you can anticipate gaining about 1,000 SMS subscribers free of charge.

Can I add my logo and brand colors to Civic Shout petitions?

Yes! You can easily upload your logo and specify your primary and secondary brand colors. They will be included automatically in the design of every petition you create.

How can I access my opt-in supporters’ contact info?

The best way to access supporter contact information is by using our secure integrations with Action Network, EveryAction, or NGP VAN. If you don’t use one of those services for your email program, you can easily download CSVs 24/7 through your petition’s dashboard instead.

Is Civic Shout great for agencies?

Yes! Civic Shout was built with agencies and consulting firms in mind. By selecting Agency as your “Organization type” when requesting your Civic Shout invite, your account will be configured for agency usage. This way, you’ll be able to easily manage multiple client accounts with secure user roles for your staff.

How will you securely manage my suppression list?

Our advanced SHA-256 hashing tool handles all data processing in your browser via Javascript—ensuring data never leaves your machine during the hashing process. In fact, you can even use it when you’ve turned off your WiFi for total peace of mind. You can check it out here.

“I emailed the client on the Roe decision day—they said OK—I was live and getting leads within an hour.”

M + R
Hunter Froelich • Associate Media Director
Qualified nonprofits get 1,000 national free opt-ins every month! Learn more