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Content Policy

Civic Shout is for progressive groups and Democratic campaigns that are dedicated to making the world more just and inclusive.

Our partners align on progressive issues exclusively. Some of our current partners are working to protect the environment, expand voting rights and civil rights, fight for economic justice, stand up for the rights of women, immigrants, and the LGBTQ+ community, and more.

Petition banner photos

Banner photos on Civic Shout petitions should be photographs without text overlays or graphic design elements.

Petitions with photos incorporating text overlays or graphic design elements will not be approved and will not be eligible for the suggested petition carousel.

Types of petitions allowed

Petitions on the Civic Shout platform must be based on advocacy asks calling on a particular decision-maker or decision-making body to take a specific action. There should be no question who the decision-maker is and what the petition is calling on them to do. Examples of suitable petition topics include:

  • Tell Congress: Pass the Build Back Better Act
  • Tell Pres. Biden to cancel student loan debt
  • Urge Instagram not to create a social network for kids
Pledge campaigns, along with petitions asking individuals to “join us,” “join my campaign,” “stand with me,” etc, are not permitted on the Civic Shout platform.

Content specifically prohibited

Partners may not use Civic Shout to engage in hateful activities or to facilitate hateful activities engaged in elsewhere, whether online or offline. Partners may not use any language in their petitions that:

  • contain obscene language or sexual content;
  • threaten or defame any person or organization;
  • violate the legal ownership interest of another party;
  • promote illegal activity;
  • grossly disrespect any individual or entity;
  • contain false or misleading information;
  • encourage discrimination against any person, group or class of persons;
  • promote conservative campaigns or causes;
  • or contain hate speech.

Content review process

All partner petitions created on the Civic Shout platform are reviewed by Civic Shout staff, typically within 1 business day of being published, in advance of their inclusion in the suggested petition carousel. If your petition is not approved we’ll reach out directly to explain our concern and give you the opportunity to address it.

We’ll only reach out if there is a problem – so if you don’t hear from us it is safe to assume your petition was approved.

Civic Shout reserves the right to delete or remove any partner-generated content for any reason at any time, without limitation, as specified in our Partner Terms of Service.