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How we’re helping women’s rights groups build power

UltraViolet and the ERA Coalition are two phenomenal nonprofits leading the fight for gender justice and women’s rights. We’re excited to be helping both groups acquire fired-up supporters who want to hear from them.

ERA Coalition worked with us through their agency Woolf Strategy, a digital firm with a focus on underrepresented candidates and equity focused organizations.

A couple petitions published by Ultraviolet and ERA Coalition.

“When we’ve sent emails to Civic Shout folks we’ve seen very high action rates in the 30-50% range.”

Kathy Plate • Director of Growth

“I was expecting a slower accumulation of the new signers. I was shocked to see our new-to-list were mostly fulfilled the day after we boosted our first petition.”

Connor Larsen • Senior Digital Strategist

By publishing just two petitions, Woolf Strategy was able to acquire more than 10,000 supporters in a matter of weeks. What’s more, they didn’t have to wrestle with Facebook ads or test out tons of creative in hopes of getting a decent cost per opt-in.

They loved how easy it was for them to launch a campaign and immediately start acquiring supporters for their client.

And because the ERA Coalition is a qualified nonprofit, they were able to take advantage of our Spark program to acquire 1,000 free opt-ins two months in a row – a $2,500 value.

The ROI has been great, too. “We’ve put those new subscribers through the welcome series and they’re already turning out to be really responsive. 98% of them are still subscribed after several weeks!”, said Connor Larsen from Woolf.

UltraViolet had a similar experience, quickly gaining thousands of eager supporters without the hassle of running Facebook ads.

Before getting started, they weren’t sure what to expect in terms of volume or fulfillment time. Both concerns were quickly dispelled once they boosted their first petition.

The new supporters they’ve acquired have been top-notch as well.

Compared to those they’ve acquired through Facebook ads, “the leads feel higher quality,” Kathy Plate, UltraViolet’s Director of Growth told us.

These hard-fighting groups now have 1,000s of additional supporters they can rally to action when it matters most—increasing their power and influence across the country.

“I was concerned there wouldn’t be enough volume to generate the leads we’re looking for, but that’s not been the case.”

Kathy Plate • Director of Growth

“Such a seamless process. It takes almost no time at all to set up. Civic Shout makes it so easy to create petitions and get them fulfilled.”

Connor Larsen • Senior Digital Strategist

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