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Why the Democratic Party of Wisconsin Prefers Civic Shout to Facebook Ads

Wisdems has earned a reputation for innovative and effective fundraising campaigns. That’s why we were excited when they chose to work with us to grow their opt-in email community.

In 2022, they’re making major investments in growing their email list in advance of crucial statewide elections for governor and U.S. Senate, so it was important for them to be able to acquire highly-responsive new supporters quickly and efficiently.

Before getting started, Gordie Murphy, their digital ads director, had some trepidation about how much they’d be able to grow their list using a new platform. “I wondered how many people were going to see our petitions.”, he said.

“Compared to Facebook, Civic Shout’s cost-per-acquisition is lower in almost every case!”

Gordie Murphy • Digital Ads Director
A couple of the petitions they’ve launched on Civic Shout.

But once Gordie and his team got started, those concerns evaporated.

In their first three months on the platform, they acquired 28,000 new opt-in supporters who were eager to help support their mission to build a brighter future for Wisconsin.

Even better: the leads they acquired were cheaper and more responsive than those they’re used to acquiring on Facebook.

“Civic Shout is one of the higher performers in terms of ROI.”

Gordie Murphy • Digital Ads Director

In their first three months working with us, they launched four separate petitions. This allowed them to tap into high-energy moments around Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson’s role in Donald Trump’s attempt to steal the 2020 election, the Supreme Court decision overturning Roe v. Wade, and more.

But, low acquisition costs and high ROI aren’t the only things they loved.

“Civic Shout is amazing for rapid response,” Murphy said. “As soon as I write something it can be up and generating leads. With Facebook or list rentals, it takes at least a day or two.”

“We just copy and paste in petition content we’re already using elsewhere, hit boost, and watch the opt-ins roll in.”

Gordie Murphy • Digital Ads Director

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