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We Need Diplomacy, Not More Conflict. No War With Iran.

In an alarming turn of events, Common Dreams is reporting that the U.S. admits to having no concrete evidence tying Iran to a drone strike in Jordan that tragically ended the lives of three American servicemembers. Despite this critical lack of proof, calls for escalation continue to plague the discourse.

This is precisely the kind of saber-rattling that risks deepening the crisis in the Middle East. 

Sign the petition now: We need diplomacy, not more conflict. No war with Iran. 

This isn't just about Iran; It's a sobering reminder of how misinformation can lead us astray and why your voice is so critical.

As Win Without War President Stephen Miles pointed out, “the same voices who advocated for never ending wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, arguing victory was forever just around the corner, now want the American public to believe that the path to peace lies with yet another war in the Middle East – this time with Iran,” 

“They were wrong then, and they are wrong now,” he added.

We have to take a stand against the rush to conflict. With your support, we can encourage dialogue and lower tensions. Sign the petition demanding more diplomacy in these crucial moments.
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