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Urge Leaders to Take Action to Save Ocean Life

Along the Coastlines of Australia, Kenya, and Mexico, our ocean's beautiful coral reefs are turning a sick and ghostly white. 

Healthy coral reefs provide a safe habitat for over 1 million aquatic species including a safe space for feeding, and spawning. But now, 54 Countries and territories are experiencing mass bleaching among their coral reefs. 

According to scientists "bleaching is triggered by water temperature anomalies that cause corals to expel the colorful algae living in their tissues. Without the algae's help in delivering nutrients to the corals, the corals cannot survive."

Sign the petition to take action to save ocean life. 

"Coral reefs are estimated to provide some $2.7 trillion in goods and services every year - with benefits such as attracting tourists, protecting coastal communities from storm surges, and supporting coastal fisheries" according to a 2020 valuation by ICRI's scientific network.

We need to take action and save our oceans and our wildlife. Sign the petition to spread awareness of climate change and make a difference.
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