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UnFrack Manchin's FERC!

The US Department of Energy (DOE) has paused new permits for Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) exports, pending a review of their impact on our climate, communities, and economy. But the US Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) ALSO has to approve new LNG export terminals, and they've gone on rubber-stamping fossil fuel permits. 

Now, President Biden has nominated three new commissioners to FERC. They are Democrats Judy Chang and Andrew Rosner; and Republican Lindsay See.

FERC is a pivotal agency in the clean energy transition: in addition to reviewing new natural gas infrastructure, they oversee the rules for the US electric grid, including whether new interstate transmission lines get built, and whether electric markets treat rooftop solar and energy efficiency fairly. 

If confirmed, those three new FERC nominees will represent a governing majority at FERC. So they’ll be able to make or break the rules of the clean energy transition. 

Unfortunately, none of these nominees is a FERC reformer. Chang is the best of the group with a background in clean energy and environmental justice. Rosner has a history of backing fracked gas and has worked with Manchin since 2022 to roll back FERC rules on climate change and environmental justice, he's Manchin's personal pick. And See is the Solicitor General of West Virginia — Manchin's home state — and is best known for suing the Biden Administration to protect coal and fossil fuels. She'll definitely make FERC worse, not better.

Mostly, these nominees are all about Manchin. Two of the three have specific, personal and political ties to the coal baron Senator. And Manchin has shown before that he's able to block FERC nominations and force the so-called independent agency to do his bidding.

Sign here and we'll deliver you messages before the Committee votes on these FERC nominees!

The petition reads: 
To the US Senate Energy Committee
We need to reform FERC so that it's a Federal Renewable Energy Commission dedicated to the clean energy transition. Instead, the nominees Sen Manchin has hand-picked are more of the same - supporting fossil fuels and unwilling to change policy at the speed and scale demanded by the climate crisis. Please ask them the tough questions about climate change and environmental justice, and only vote to confirm the nominees who will commit to a 100% clean electric grid by 2035, and expanding President Biden's pause on LNG exports to a full ban on fossil fuels.
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