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Treat Parent PLUS Loans Equitably as Regular Student Loans

We, the undersigned, composed of concerned parents, advocates, students, borrowers, and allies, call on Congress to address the disparities in how Parent PLUS loans are treated and bring about parity to all federal student loans. 

Parent PLUS Loans, administered by the U.S. Department of Education, have been an invaluable resource for countless families striving to finance their children's higher education. However, the current disparity in treatment between Parent PLUS Loans and other forms of student loans is unjust and burdensome to families across the nation.

While traditional student loans offer various income-driven repayment programs and other benefits like a grace period, Parent PLUS Loans are deprived of these crucial benefits. This discrepancy places an undue financial strain on families.

We recognize that parents who take out these loans are doing so with the best intentions for their children's future. However, the lack of equitable treatment places an unfair burden on families already grappling with the soaring costs of higher education.

Therefore, we respectfully urge the following actions to be taken:

1. <b>Equitable Treatment:</b> Parent PLUS Loans should be treated comparably to other federal student loans including access to all income-driven repayment plans, including the SAVE plan.

2. <b>More Transparency and Education:</b> Provide clearer and more comprehensive information to families about the terms and conditions of Parent PLUS Loans, ensuring they fully understand their financial obligations.

3. <b>Affordability Measures:</b> Implement measures to make higher education more affordable, thereby reducing the need for families to resort to Parent PLUS Loans.

4. <b>Support Services:</b> Establish support services and resources for families struggling with Parent PLUS Loan repayment, including financial counseling and assistance programs.

By addressing these concerns and implementing the proposed measures, we can alleviate the financial burdens placed on families and promote access to higher education for all.

We urge you to consider this petition and take the necessary steps to ensure fair treatment of Parent PLUS Loans.
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