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Tell the USFWS to Protect Gray Wolves From Torture

Gray wolves in the Northern Rocky states of Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho are being aggressively targeted for killing under lax laws and policies in those states. In Wyoming, a wolf was recently tortured and killed after being run down by a snowmobile. In Idaho, there are no limits on the number of wolves one person can shoot or trap. In Montana, hunters and trappers can kill as many as 20 wolves each. More than 280 wolves were killed in the most recent Montana hunting and trapping season alone.

Despite this clear threat to wolves, the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service announced on February 2nd that it was denying petitions from conservation organizations to protect gray wolves in the West.

Gray wolves need the protections of the Endangered Species Act.

A recent study found that killing by humans are a disproportionate cause of deaths of wolves in our National Parks. The study found that the loss of these wolves had a devastating impact on the surviving wolves in those packs or families. While the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service ignores the reality on the ground, the recovery of gray wolves in the Northern Rockies is being squandered by their inaction.

Sign the petition to tell the USFWS and Interior Secretary to protect gray wolves under the Endangered Species Act.

Dear USFWS Director Williams and Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland,

It is crucial to the long-term and sustainable recovery of gray wolves that Secretary Haaland and the Service begin to show leadership in response to the horrific policies now in place and destroying decades of progress in wolf recovery in Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana. The recent torture and killing of a yearling-female is shocking evidence of the consequences of inaction.

Please move promptly to protect gray wolves in the Northern Rockies under the Endangered Species Act as either "Threatened" or "Endangered" to prevent remaining wolves from being tortured and killed.
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