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Tell the US Forest Service: Speak for the Trees! No MVP

We’ve been telling you for years about the Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP), a 300+ mile long fracked-gas pipeline from fracking fields in West Virginia near Pennsylvania, through Virginia, and all the way into North Carolina.

The project is still years behind schedule, drowning in debt, and  locals have fought it on land, in the courts, on the water, in the boardrooms, and from high up in the trees. 

In January 2022, the Fourth Circuit Court threw out MVP’s permits from US Forest Service (USFS) to cross the Jefferson National Forest, saying the agencies did not consider data on actual environmental impacts. The USFS reissued an Environmental Impact Statement in December 2022 and says that new permits could be issued by late summer/early fall 2023. 

We have Until February 6 to convince the US Forest Service to say "No" to the MVP and stand for the forest, climate and communities. Sign on here.

This petition reads:
"RE: Mountain Valley Pipeline and Equitrans Expansion Project Supplemental EIS #50036
I urge the USFS to select Alternative 1 – No Action, because the Mountain Valley Pipeline is inconsistent with the Forest Plan and would require 11 amendments and exceptions to be built. Moreover, the Jefferson National Forest itself was established to restore and protect water quality and water resources in the region - a major pipeline and its attendant construction is obviously not compatible with this purpose. I urge the USFS to not amend the Jefferson National Forest Plan, and to not provide concurrence to the BLM for a ROW/TUP."
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