Tell the Senate to oppose fake abortion clinics

Last week, Republicans voted down the Right to Contraception Act. And they continue to double down on legislation to undermine real health care--in favor of crisis pregnancy centers that are deceptive and promote the anti-abortion agenda. 

Senators Katie Britt, Marco Rubio, and Kevin Cramer introduced this legislation under the guise of the "More Opportunities for Moms to Succeed Act (MOMS Act)."

We're not fools.

There's nothing about this bill that centers mothers or our health and personal agency. This bill proposes a "pregnancy.gov" website, which would exclude any entity that performs or refers abortions and blatantly favor non-medical, ideological crisis pregnancy centers. These centers have been widely criticized for spreading intentionally misleading information to pregnant people and ignoring actual science, medicine, and a comprehensive healthcare approach. This isn't an oversight; it's a strategic exclusion that most impacts people who are in economically vulnerable positions and seeking legitimate medical help.

We must let these radical, right-wing cultural warriors know that we're on to them!

Sign now to tell your senators: Reject Senator Katie Britt's attack on reproductive care.

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