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Tell the Senate: No Recess With Judicial Vacancies

The United States Senate is on track to finish the year with at least 60 judicial vacancies--meaning that if Republicans take over the Senate next year, Mitch McConnell could hold those vacancies open indefinitely, just like he did to Barack Obama.

The Senate must act to fill every vacancy this year, even if it means canceling their month-long August recess.

Republicans packed all of the Courts during Trump's term, not just the Supreme Court. In order to restore balance, Democrats need to fill EVERY vacancy. 

President Biden has done a great job of filling out the courts with qualified judges. But every vacancy that goes unfilled this term could go to another anti-American judge appointed by Trump or Ron DeSantis. We can't let that happen!

Tell the Democrats: No recess until EVERY Judicial vacancy is filled.
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