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Tell the Fed to Fight Climate Change

No one can ignore the effects of climate change. The Federal Reserve cannot pretend that climate change will not drive economic instability. We have already seen stronger hurricanes, flooding and wildfires all exacerbated by climate change. 

This has an economic impact not just on those immediately affected by the natural disaster but increasing insurance premiums for everyone. In some locations, getting home insurance is very expensive or impossible because of climate change risk.   
Sign the petition calling on the Federal Reserve to acknowledge that fighting climate change is necessary for economic stability. 
There are many things the Fed can do to help fight climate change. Recent Fed rate increases have made renewable energy projects more expensive. The Fed can create special facilities to loan money for renewable energy projects at lower rates. 

Additionally, the Fed can advise banks to consider climate change when funding fossil fuel projects. The Fed has already asked banks to consider climate related risks and could do more. And in fact, the central banks of Japan, China and the EU already do more to fight climate change. 
The Fed spared no efforts or creativity to bail out the financial sector during the Great Recession. It should spare no efforts to fight the climate crisis. Add your name to the petition if you agree.
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