Blue Future

Tell the DNC: Invest in a Summer Youth Organizing Program!

When young people vote, Democrats win.

But right now, the DNC’s youth organizing and training budget is $0. That’s right―ZERO.

Young people want to fight back against fascism in this country. On almost no notice, Blue Future's coalition got more than 700 people to a youth rally against SCOTUS's leaked decision overturning Roe v. Wade. We’ve been demanding the DNC invest in training the next generation of progressive leaders for years.

For a small investment, the DNC could kickstart lifelong engagement in politics AND win the midterms. School is ending, young people are fired up, and there’s an election looming. The DNC could get thousands of young people knocking doors and electing candidates who will fight for all of us.

Tell the DNC: Launch a summer youth organizing program!
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