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Tell Schools: Black History Month is Not Optional

February marks Black History Month, an important topic being taught, learned, and shared across the country. However, a school in South Florida is sending home permission forms for parents to specify whether they want their children to participate in Black History Month educational events.

At a time when book bans and restrictions on teachers are on the rise, we need to fight back and demand that ALL students are taught Black history – even if their parents are opposed.

Sign the petition to tell schools that Black History Month is not optional. 

“The intent of the DeSantis attack on education is to make schools more cautious, to make teachers more cautious about what they teach, and it’s working,” FIU Professor Marvin Dunn said. “It’s not about banning books necessarily, it’s about banning ideas.”

Students deserve to learn about Black history freely and openly without limitations imposed by their racist parents. 

Sign the petition today to tell schools Black History Month is not optional. 
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