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Tell President Biden: We need a fully functional FCC

Petition text reads: "The White House must seat a fifth FCC commissioner ASAP – so communities and families everywhere can get and stay connected.

We urge President Biden to nominate a new FCC commissioner to end this partisan deadlock and get to work on the issues we care about – like restoring net neutrality, making broadband more affordable, and stopping digital discrimination."

After a despicable right-wing disinformation campaign against her, Gigi Sohn, President Biden’s extremely qualified nominee to the FCC, has withdrawn her nomination.

The Senate refused to act on her nomination for sixteen months – while dark money groups built up a smear campaign against her in right-wing media echo chambers, turning to homophobia and bigotry to leave the FCC under capacity and deadlocked in a 2-2 partisan split.

We can’t afford inaction when we’re all so heavily dependent on reliable Internet access. And every day that the fifth FCC commissioner seat remains open – the Trump FCC’s legacy of decision-making that puts profits over people remains in place.

Until a fifth commissioner is appointed and confirmed, the agency won’t be able to deliver reliable communications services to those who need them. That’s why I’m urgently asking you to speak out today.

I’m disgusted by the attacks we’ve seen over the past two years – but we can’t give in to Big Money bullying now. President Biden must immediately nominate a replacement who will serve the public – not corporate interest.
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