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Tell Joe Biden: Appoint Kyrsten Sinema Ambassador to Italy

Kyrsten Sinema is already running fundraising ads on Facebook touting her accomplishments reaching out across the aisle to election-denying Republicans.[1] 

But before she’s even completed a single term, she’s grown so comfortable in her mastery of the Senate that, during a recess where most Senators spend time in their districts meeting with constituents, she accepted an internship at a winery owned by one of her hedge-fund donors in Sonoma.[2]

It’s clear that her ambitions have grown beyond being a Senator. It’s time for President Biden to elevate her to a position where she can use her experience negotiating deals with an anti-democracy party AND indulge her passion for viniculture: Joe Biden should appoint Kyrsten Sinema the newest Ambassador to Italy.

Last year, Italy elected its first far-right government since World War II―the Brothers of Italy party, which has its roots in the neo-fascist movement.[3] Sen. Sinema’s friendships with anti-democracy figures like Senators Ron Johnson[4] and Mike Lee[5] give her the background necessary to maintain diplomatic ties. 

Though Senator Sinema was the first Democrat to win a state-wide election in Arizona in decades, she has been succeeded by another twice-elected Democratic Senator in Mark Kelly and a Democratic governor in Katie Hobbs, who could appoint a replacement to complete the remainder of her term. 

Tell Joe Biden: Appoint Kyrsten Sinema to the Italian Ambassadorship!


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