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Tell House Republicans: Don’t Impeach Biden’s DHS Secretary

Be serious!

Instead of taking care of the American People, republicans are busy playing political games.
Republicans have decided to spend the new year with another pointless impeachment - this time targeting Homeland Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. According to Punchbowl News, republicans are obsessed with making another election story out of imagined caravans, and we know why - because it’s election time. 

Tell Congress: Grow up and stop this impeachment sideshow.

To make matters even more comical, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene demands even more - that Secretary Mayorkas be ousted outright. Republicans are afraid of President Trump’s crimes spilling onto them and are looking for a distraction: a political stunt meant to shift focus around from the unproductive Congress, the disaster of Kevin McCarthy, and the radical rightwing views of Speaker Mike Johnson.

It’s time for Republicans to get back to work and end these silly games that aren’t helping American communities.

Sign the petition: No more impeachment sideshow by Republicans in Congress.
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