Tell Governors: Ensure Medication Abortion Access!

Momentum is on our side in the fight for medication abortion access. Last week, California Governor Gavin Newsom made the bold and correct move to not renew a $54 million contract with Walgreens for its hesitation to dispense abortion pills in states where anti-abortion extremists threatened to sue the company.

Following Gov. Newsom's action, New York's Governor Kathy Hochul and Attorney General Letitia James sent a letter to our nation's largest pharmacies pressuring them to commit to making abortion pills available in the state of New York.

These are politically bold moves and the right thing to do. That is why we're asking other governors and attorneys general to follow these governors' and attorney general's lead and ensure that their states' pharmacies dispense the abortion pill!

Just last year, voters overwhelmingly upheld abortion rights, including in deep red states like Kansas, Kentucky, and Montana. U.S. voters helped ensure abortion champions keep the Senate and elevated a number of pro-choice leaders in state races, including as governors and attorneys general. 

As California Gov. Newsom correctly pointed out, Walgreens can't have it both ways: make public statements that they are with the people while also telling Republican lawmakers that they won't dispense the abortion pill in their states. 

We are asking the leaders we put in power to do the following:

• Cease doing business with pharmacies that refuse to provide access to abortion medication.  

• Assure pharmacies that the state will not sue them for offering the abortion pill--no matter what anti-abortion lawmakers say.

Our elected leaders work for us, not the other way around. Sign the petition to let them know that you support access to the abortion pill!
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