Faith in Action

Tell DOJ: Protect Our Vote!

Our sacred vote is a fierce act of faith. When we vote, we build power in our communities and build a future of love, dignity, and liberation.

We know the big Big BIG election is next year — but there are a number of critical state and local elections happening this November that will determine so much, from school funding to police budgets to medical care. 

Faith in Action’s Rise + Vote program has been working for years to register and organize voters who are most often ignored, left out, or left behind. 

Now, in places like Ohio, Texas, North Carolina, and Florida, those voters are facing barriers to casting their votes, from new voter ID laws to shortened early voting periods to disinformation and intimidation. 

We won’t stand for it! Let’s get loud and demand action from the Department of Justice so that every sacred vote can be cast and counted.
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