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Tell Dianne Feinstein: Respectfully, Please Resign

California Senator Dianne Feinstein is the longest-serving woman in the history of the Senate. Her essential investigations uncovering the Bush administration’s torture program got her portrayed in a movie by Annette Bening. She’s served her country well. 

But Dianne Feinstein needs to resign.

That Senate seat is not a throne―it’s a place from which to serve her voters. And she is no longer able to do that. Every day that she remains in that seat is another day that 40 million Californians are denied representation in government.

Feinstein has been absent from the Senate after contracting shingles in February, with no return date in sight. She’s been dogged by rumors of cognitive decline for years now, leading to her stepping down as chairwoman of the Judiciary Committee.

Unfortunately, she still provides the majority-making vote on the Judiciary committee―and she can’t cast that vote from her home in California. Her absence has allowed Republicans to grind judicial confirmations to a halt, even at a time when right-wing maniacs are legislating from the bench, trying to overrule the FDA and the ACA all at once and Clarence Thomas’s corruption demands a subpoena.

If Feinstein resigns, California governor Gavin Newsom can appoint her replacement, and Democrats will have a full complement of Senators again, and can check Trump’s judicial assault.

Tell Dianne Feinstein: Respectfully, please resign!
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