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Tell Congress: Prioritize community needs in the budget!

Right now, Congress and the Biden administration are negotiating ways to raise the debt ceiling by June 1 to avoid default.

Current proposals like the House-passed “Limit Save and Grow Act” would cut funding for human needs - hindering the government's ability to assist people in need and to make necessary investments in our community. In addition, the bill would expand already rigid work requirements for anti-poverty programs like Medicaid, SNAP food assistance, and TANF. It would also harm millions of poor and working families and increase poverty, food insecurity, and homelessness. Meanwhile, spending on war would remain untouched and wealthy people and corporations would remain undertaxed.

Congress must oppose any proposals that force low-income people to pay for the debts caused by tax breaks for wealthy corporations and individuals. 

Tell your elected officials: Reject any cuts to community needs in the FY24 budget!
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