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Tell Congress: End Critical Drug Shortages

In a recent move, the Biden administration has unveiled a comprehensive plan to address the persistent drug shortages plaguing our nation—shortages that disproportionately impact the most vulnerable among us, including those suffering from cancer and other critical illnesses.

The proposed plan, aimed at securing a reliable and high-quality drug supply, could transform the healthcare landscape. By advocating for hospitals to invest more in drugs, this initiative seeks to ensure consistent drug availability and influence the market dynamics that currently lead to these shortages.

This is a crucial step towards ensuring that everyone, regardless of their economic status or racial background, has access to the medications they need. It's a recognition that healthcare disparities often fall hardest on communities of color and economically disadvantaged groups, aligning perfectly with our focus on creating a fair and just society.

Sign the petition: Tell Congress to support the Biden administration's plan to end critical drug shortages. 
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