Common Cause

Tell Cable Providers: No Fox Fee!

Ever since Donald Trump’s latest indictment – where a grand jury charged him for trying to overturn our 2020 election results – Fox News has been scrambling.

They’re desperate to cover for his lies against our democracy – because they know they’re guilty of spreading the same dangerous conspiracy theories that fueled the deadly January 6th insurrection.

Worst of all? Fox News is spreading these lies on your dime – even if you don’t watch Fox.

It’s called the “Fox Fee” – where Fox charges cable providers two to three times their actual value, and the cable providers pass that cost onto everyday consumers like you. And every time cable companies go to Fox to renew their contracts, Fox News demands massive rate increases.

It’s time to send a clear message: we will not foot the bill to undermine American democracy. Tell cable providers to say NO to the Fox Fee.
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