Tell Apple & Google: keep Truth Social off app stores

Both Apple and Google have community standards that claim to create a safe, productive and inclusive environment for users. Following the January 6th insurrection, Apple pledged to “stand for democracy” and prevent the promotion of extremist content, and Google took the step of removing Parler from its Google Play Store because it did not meet Google’s content moderation standards.

Truth Social was problematic from the start, as the business venture of a former president who incited an insurrection, and many worried it could be used to undercut democracy. In the past months, the potential dangers experts anticipated would appear on Truth Social have become reality, with misinformation and violent rhetoric proliferating, and Donald Trump helping to spread them further.

Google has not yet approved Truth Social for its Google Play Store, but has not committed to keeping it off, and Apple’s App Store continues to offer Truth Social.

We need better promises and real action. Tell both Apple and Google to keep Truth Social off of their app stores to protect our democracy.
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