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Support Auto Workers’ Right to Join a Union

Last year, the United Auto Workers won a historic contract for auto workers, giving them higher salaries, safer working conditions, and more dignity on the job. Now, that victory has inspired other auto workers across the country to fight for similar changes.. 

Workers at a Volkswagen plant in Chattanooga, Tennessee recently voted overwhelmingly to join the UAW. However, Tennessee Governor Bill Lee said that he thinks workers at the plant made a mistake by voting to unionize, stating the vote was “a loss for workers.”

Sign the petition to support auto workers’ right to join a union. 

President Biden, a strong supporter of unions, pushed back. He said, “Let me be clear to the Republican governors that tried to undermine this vote: there is nothing to fear from American workers using their voice and their legal right to form a union if they so choose.”

The victory could be the start of a union wave for Southern states, which have a much lower level of union representation among workers than those in Northern states. 

Sign the petition today to support auto workers’ right to join a union. 
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