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Stop Targeted Abortion Clinic Violence

Following the Supreme Court’s backwards decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, there has been a sharp increase in violence targeting abortion clinics. Arson, threats, stalking, and most recently — someone attempting to drive their car through a clinic — clinics are at the center of targeted violence. 

Violence was already on the rise before the Supreme Court’s decision to end protection for abortions. Nationally, from 2020 to 2021, reports of stalking rose 600%, clinic invasions 129%, and assaults 128%. 

Sign the petition to stop targeted abortion clinic violence. 

And the violence doesn’t stop when clinics close or move locations. “When a clinic closes, the protesters don’t just pack up and go home,” said Melissa Fowler, chief program officer of the National Abortion Federation. “A lot of times, they will travel or even move to other communities and states and target the clinics that remain open there.”

Abortion should be accessible, safe, and legal. Sign the petition today to stop targeted abortion clinic violence.
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