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Stop Funding Anti-Choice Crisis Pregnancy Centers

Across the United States, thousands of "crisis pregnancy centers" are lying about the risks associated with getting an abortion and trying to pressure pregnant women not to move forward with the procedure.

At the beginning of this year, Pennsylvania stopped funding crisis pregnancy centers. As Gov. Josh Shapiro put it, "we will ensure women in this Commonwealth receive the reproductive health care they deserve."

But more than a dozen other states are using taxpayer money to fund these anti-abortion institutions to the tune of $250 million.

Here's how The Guardian described the deceptive tactics crisis pregnancy centers use:

"The centers sometimes have names involving the word “choice” and are located near abortion clinics, which can confuse abortion seekers into accidentally stepping inside. Studies and news outlets have also repeatedly found that crisis pregnancy centers inaccurately exaggerate the risks of abortion and birth control, such as by suggesting that abortion causes breast cancer, which is false."

Taxpayer money should not be going to institutions that exist to lie about reproductive healthcare. Sign the petition urging states to stop funding anti-choice crisis pregnancy centers.
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