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Stop Approving Fossil Fuel Exports

A decision that could shape our environmental future has just been made—the Biden administration has approved the construction of the Sea Port Oil Terminal (SPOT), poised to be the largest offshore oil terminal in the U.S. This $1.8 billion project, set near Freeport, Texas, despite meeting federal requirements, has drawn stark criticism for its environmental implications.

The Sierra Club estimates that the emissions from SPOT would mirror those from nearly 90 coal-fired power plants. Such a project directly opposes what we stand for: a sustainable environment, economic justice, and a healthy community for all.

This is a stark example of large corporations making a financial gain while communities bear the long-term costs. We must challenge this decision and others who prioritize fossil fuel expansion over the well-being of our planet.

Sign the petition urging the Biden administration to stop approving fossil fuel exports.
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