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Stand With Students: No Book Bans

Right-wing leaders, parents, and school board members have been banning books in schools across the country. But it’s not just books — a school in Florida stopped showing a Disney film after parents complained. 

Moms for Liberty, just one of the many groups leading the book bans, claims many of the banned books about American history are “inappropriate.” 

But that’s a lie. Their real intent is to hide information about racial justice and the LGBTQ+ community from kids.

Students deserve full access to books. Sign the petition to stand with students and against book bans. 

Ruby Bridges, civil rights icon, says these book bans are an attempt to cover up history. 

“The history, all the subject matter they want to ban, it’s happening in the world. We cannot live in a bubble, put on blinders like it’s not happening…we’re not hiding anything from our young people,” she said. 

Many of the books banned cover Ruby’s story and the challenges she faced. All history is meant to be taught, excluding stories like these are doing far more harm than good. We cannot erase history by banning books. 

Sign the petition today to stand with students and against book bans. 
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