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Sign the petition: No National Abortion Ban!

News broke recently that Donald Trump supports a nationwide ban on abortion after 16 weeks of pregnancy.

It's up to us to fight back and make it absolutely clear to Donald Trump and congressional Republicans that we will not stand for their attempts to ban abortion nationwide.

Sign the petition to reject Trump's plan for a national ban on abortion

Pres. Biden responded to the Trump news with a forceful statement:

"Now, after being the one responsible for taking away women’s freedom, after being the one to put women’s lives in danger, after being the one who has unleashed all this cruelty and chaos all across America, Trump is running scared," Biden said.

"He’s afraid the women of America are going to hold him responsible for taking away their rights and endangering their rights at the ballot box in November," he continued.

This isn’t a political game. It’s about real lives, real choices, and the values we, as a country, hold sacred. President Biden's vow to restore Roe v. Wade is a clarion call to all who cherish progressive ideals, and we must answer with unwavering resolve.

Add your name to our petition telling Donald Trump and all Republicans that we will not ban abortion in the United States. Not now, not ever.
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