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Sign the Petition: Don’t Ban LGBTQ+ Books

Recent state laws have supercharged book bans that aim to restrict the types of books in schools.

Book bans have made national headlines due to recent efforts by Republican lawmakers and coordinated campaigns to ban stories by and about LGBTQ+ persons and people of color. 

And as it turns out, in 2023, more than half of the most challenged books contained LGBTQ themes or characters. 

Sign the petition to protect LGBTQ books from book bans.

“In looking at the titles of the most challenged books from last year, it’s obvious that the pressure groups are targeting books about LGBTQIA+ people and people of color,” American Library Association President Emily Drabinski said. 

“At ALA, we are fighting for the freedom to choose what you want to read. Shining a light on the harmful workings of these pressure groups is one of the actions we must take to protect our right to read,” she continued.

Out of the top 10 targeted books in 2023, 7 of them were challenged for their LGBTQ content. It's time for us to fight back. 

Sign our petition today if you agree that we need to protect LGBTQ books from bans.
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