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Save Oak Flat From Destructive Copper Mining

For thousands of years now, several tribal nations, including the San Carlos Apache Tribe, have used the Oak Flat portion of Arizona's Tonto National Forest for cultural ceremonies and to gather food and medicine.

But now, a multinational mining company owned by Rio Tinto is trying to mine Oak Flat for copper – infringing on the San Carlos Apache Tribe's rights and putting the entire are at risk.

That's why Rep. Raul Grijalva just introduced the Save Oak Flat From Foreign Mining Act, which would permanently protect Oak Flat from mining.

Sign the petition urging Congress to save Oak Flat from destructive copper mining.

Just before leaving office, the Trump administration rushed through a flawed environmental approval process in an attempt to move Rio Tinto's ill-conceived mining project forward.

The Biden administration, rescinded the environmental review, but under current law it is required to proceed with the approval process by conducting its own environmental review.

“Turning Oak Flat into a political bargaining chip was an assault against tribal sovereignty that never should have happened,” said Rep. Grijalva. “Doing it on behalf of a foreign-owned mining conglomerate with a documented record of destroying Indigenous sacred sites and human rights violations makes it just that much more unconscionable," he continued. "I urge my colleagues to do right by the San Carlos Apache Tribe and all of our tribal communities by moving quickly to pass this bill before it’s too late."
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