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Reject Republican Tax Breaks for Big Corporations

A new report reveals that the GOP is planning another round of corporate tax cuts if Donald Trump wins the upcoming election. 

These tax giveaways would deepen economic inequality and shrink government revenue, undermining essential public services that many Americans rely on.

Reject Republican tax breaks for big corporations. Act now by signing our petition.

These tax cuts would widen the gap between the wealthy and those struggling to make ends meet. When the wealthiest reap the benefits of generous tax cuts, our communities and families bear the brunt. Programs that could support their well-being are sidelined, exacerbating the systemic problems of economic disparity and racial injustice that we fight against every day.

The political motivations behind these tax breaks are clear: to reward wealthy donors and corporate backers at the expense of essential public services.

Join us in fighting for policies that ensure economic justice and uphold democratic values by supporting candidates who prioritize the needs of ordinary citizens.

By signing our petition, you are taking a stand against economic policies that deepen divides and undermine our shared values. 
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