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Raise the Cap on Social Security Taxes

Already this year, the wealthiest Americans have already paid all their Social Security taxes for the entire year. Meanwhile, over 160 million workers will pay all year long. 

In 2024, the maximum earnings subject to Social Security taxes is $168,600. Elon Musk earned that in about four minutes. If the top 10 CEOs paid Social Security taxes on all of their income, the system would have received $3.4 billion.

Sign the petition today to raise the cap on Social Security taxes. 

A lot of income escapes the Social Security system. If the cap was raised, we could more than pay for promised Social Security benefits for decades to come. 

“Right now, the cap on Social Security contributions means a tech exec making $1 million effectively stops paying into the program at the end of February, while a schoolteacher making far less contributes their share through every single paycheck all year,” said Senator Sheldon Whitehouse.

Sign the petition to raise the cap on Social Security taxes.
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