Protect Vote by Mail from Louis DeJoy Now!

In an election year where tens of millions of Americans will vote by mail, Trump-appointed head of the USPS, Louis DeJoy, has no answers for the massive mail delays in Atlanta.

DeJoy had no answers when Senator Jon Ossoff asked why his constituents in Atlanta were facing delays and lost mail. DeJoy had no answers when Senator Gary Peters expressed concerns that DeJoy’s 10-year privatization plan would cause "delayed delivery of election mail."

DeJoy has no answers during a critical election year to ensure that election mail is delivered on-time. The USPS Inspector General and USPS Board of Governors must step in and ensure there are safeguards for mail voting this year!

DeJoy was hauled in front of the U.S. Senate recently to answer for the complete mess at the Post Office. He’s overseeing higher prices (up 45% under DeJoy!) and massive, unexplained mail delays.

Even Republicans are complaining about DeJoy — as constituents struggle with ongoing mail service issues and promised post offices in rural areas go unfinished.

Now is a critical time for answers, because nearly HALF of all votes cast in 2020 were votes by mail. It would be a disaster if the people in charge of the USPS alongside DeJoy — the USPS Inspector General and Board of Governors — allowed a Trump appointee to create a mess for election mail in November.

Add your name: DeJoy’s USPS is a mess. USPS officials must step in and protect mail voting!

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