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Protect Election Workers from Threats of Violence

The individuals tasked with upholding and ensuring access to elections face unprecedented threats. In Georgia, election workers like Shaye Moss and her mother, Ruby Freeman, have endured harassment for simply doing their jobs.

Senator Jon Ossoff is taking a stand. Georgia PBS reported he's introduced the Election Worker and Polling Place Protection Act, a crucial measure to shield those who ensure our democratic processes from violence and intimidation.

This is the moment to bolster our defenses and safeguard our elections. 

Sign the petition to support the protection of election workers and polling places.

Ossoff isn't just proposing enhanced security; he and other Senate leaders are working to preserve the integrity of every vote, including citizens whose votes have historically been suppressed. Their goal is to ensure that election workers don’t have to fear for their safety simply because they dared to accurately count votes.

By establishing criminal penalties for those who attempt to disrupt our elections, we are sending a clear message: our democracy is not a battleground for thuggery.

Protecting our elections is not a political issue—it's an American issue, and it's urgent. As we've seen, the absence of such protections can lead to chaos and violence, eroding the very foundations of our society.

Stand with us as we call on Congress to pass the Election Worker and Polling Place Protection Act. Let's ensure our elections remain free, fair, and unfettered by fear.

Sign the petition to help secure our democracy, support those who serve it, and act now to protect our election workers and polling places.
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