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Protect and Secure the Safety of Journalists in Gaza

The Committee to Protect Journalists reports 63 journalists have been killed in Gaza from October 7 – December 17. Horrifyingly, the toll, just like the number of civilian deaths overall, is certain to have ticked up further in the days since. 

The Israeli military has a deeply troubling history of targeting journalists, from the bombing of a building housing Al Jazeera and Associated Press offices in 2021 to the killing of Palestinian-American journalist Shireen Abu Akleh in the West Bank last year to a missile attack in southern Lebanon that killed Issam Abdallah, a cameraman working for Reuters, earlier this month. No one has ever been charged or held to account.

Journalists are a crucial voice in moments of crisis. We need verifiable information now more than ever — and that won’t happen if people in power fail to ensure the safety of the press, particularly in combat areas. Unfortunately, the White House hasn’t done enough in the face of this rising death toll, but activists like you can change that.

While the U.S. government continues to provide critical financial and military support to Israel, President Biden has incredible influence. 

Tell President Biden to pressure the Israeli government to protect and secure the safety of journalists in Gaza and other conflict zones.
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