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Pres. Biden: Veto the fossil fascist NDAA

The National Defense Authorization act, or NDAA, is an annual must-pass piece of spending legislation. But this year, extreme Republicans in control of the U.S. House of Representatives have gotten their dirty hands on it, and turned it into a fossil fueled fascist wish list.

Fortunately, the Senate took a different path. But they're still proposing to spend more on war and fossil fuels, which will make the climate crisis worse and only add fuel the armed conflicts like the one in Ukraine. 

The paths to peace and climate security go hand in hand. You cannot fight the climate crisis with war and weapons. And you cannot win the war in Ukraine (or anywhere else) without taking on the fossil fuel industry. 

That's why it's essential that President Biden show courage and global leadership NOW, and promise to veto the fossil fascist NDAA.

The NDAA passed by the house doesn't just fund war, weapons, and climate chaos. Fossil fueled fascists have loaded it up with extreme amendments including ones that would:

* Deny women in uniform access to abortion.
* Eliminate diversity, equity, and inclusion offices across the military.
* Bar the teaching of Critical Race Theory in military colleges and trainings.
* And halt all efforts to combat climate change by the US military.

The Senate's version of the bill doesn't include all that nonsense, but it does still dramatically increase US spending on war and weapons, especially more munitions for Ukraine.  The bill now heads to a closed-door conference process where a handful of senior members of Congress will determine the final draft. The last time President Biden and senior Congressional leaders negotiated over a must-pass spending bill in secret, the result was the debt ceiling bill that expedited the Mountain Valley Pipeline and fossil fuels.

And hidden in the fine print of that same dirty debt ceiling deal was a cut to spending on domestic programs and an increase the US military budget.

Real change and the path to peace through clean energy and climate justice start with President Biden promising to veto the fossil fascist version of the NDAA

Petition Reads:
The version of the National Defense Authorization act, or NDAA, passed by the US House is not just reactionary, it's a dangerous attempt to use the US military as a tool for fascism and fossil fuels. President Biden must veto any NDAA that contains damaging and regressive amendments like the ones included in the House bill, and instead put us on a path to peace and climate action.
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