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Pres. Biden: Stay Strong on Disarmament, Stay in New START!

Putin has done his best to undo that crucial progress on arms control by suspending Russia’s participation in New START. Now, pressure is building for President Biden to pre-emptively and formally withdraw from the treaty in retaliation. 

But that’s where you come in. Arms races are accelerated by uncertainty and fear. Add your name to send President Biden a crucial reminder that leadership in this moment looks like a continued commitment to arms control and New START. 

Some background: Ratified in 2011, New START built on previous nuclear weapons treaties to limit the number of deployed U.S. and Russian nuclear weapons to 1,550 — the lowest level in many decades. The landmark agreement also created new oversight, transparency, and accountability measures to ensure compliance.

As one the countries with the biggest nuclear arsenals, NOW is the moment for the United States to show restraint and leadership. Sign now to tell President Biden: Stay Strong on Disarmament, Stay in New START!
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