Nintendo of America Needs To Switch Off Its Sexist Workplace

If Nintendo of America is serious about ridding its workplace and spaces of sexism and sexual violence, it will overhaul how it does business.

A disturbing exposé at a top trade magazine reveals that for decades, Nintendo of America profited by exploiting women contractors, who were paid less than men, endured widespread sexual harassment, and were frequently passed up for full-time positions in favor of men. 

The women described a "frat house" culture in which they endured sexist jokes, were pressured to ignore unwanted sexual advances and comments, and unequal pay for the same work done by men--even after the corporation was made aware of the problem! 

Nintendo of America is far from the only workplace to have a sexual abuse problem. But if we can successfully pressure a male-dominated company in a male-dominated industry to clean up its act, we most certainly can do the same in other workplaces.

Nintendo of America must be held accountable.

Nintendo of America is the only gaming company that relies on contractors to test games, which costs less and helps the company pad its profits. But only 10% of these testers are women, and very rarely are they promoted to full-time jobs.

The gaming contractor that Nintendo of America uses, Aston Carter, formerly known as Aerotek, has had a revolving door of women workers and is named in a number of sexual harassment and discrimination lawsuits. But despite the damning evidence of sex discrimination and sexual harassment by Aston Carter, Nintendo of America still contracts with the company. 

To eradicate sexual abuse and discrimination in all of Nintendo of America's work spaces, the UltraViolet community is demanding that the company hire a third-party investigator to audit all of its workplace practices--including use of contractors--and to make the results public.

We look forward to delivering our demands and petition signatures to Nintendo of America. Add your name so that your signature is included!
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