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Lock Him Up: Hold Trump Accountable For Violating Gag Order

On Monday May 6, Judge Juan Merchan, Justice of the New York Supreme Court, threatened Donald Trump with jail time for repeatedly violating the gag order in his hush money trial.

The move came after Judge Merchan had already fined Trump $10,000 for ten separate instances of violating the gag order.

On Tuesday May 7, the very next day, Judge Merchan verbally chastised Trump for once again attempting to intimidate a witness after he muttered curse words at porn star Stormy Daniels, who was testifying against him.

When Trump attacks witnesses, he puts their lives in danger. And it's clear that $1,000 fines are totally insufficient to deter Trump from violating his gag order.

In the United States, no one is above the law. If and when Trump violates the gag order or attempts to intimidate witnesses again, Judge Merchan must follow through on his threat to put Donald Trump in jail.

Sign the petition if you agree: Judge Merchan must hold Trump accountable for repeatedly violating his gag order and putting witnesses in danger.
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