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Investigate Online Retailers Data Privacy Violations

Discount online retailers have taken the online shopping world by storm. The latest, Temu, had several super bowl commercials with the tagline “shop like a billionaire” with items listed for as little as 99 cents. 

But where customers are getting great deals, Temu is getting a lot more in return. Temu violates its customer’s privacy rights by collecting private data and using “deceptive” and “unscrupulous” practices to access that data. 

Sign the petition to investigate online discount retailers on data privacy concerns. 

Many customers have started reporting to the Better Business Bureau thatt their credit card and bank information is being sold or leaked after using those accounts on Temu.

Attorney Jeannie Evans says, “it can collect contact information, text messages…it collects your phone device identifiers, it collects precise location data, lots of things that there’s really no reason for a shopping app to need.” She added, “A lot of these things that the app does collect are not disclosed in the privacy policy.”

Retailers cannot get away with invasive practices like this. Sign the petition urging Congress to investigate discount online retailers on data privacy concerns.
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