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Healthcare CEOs Shouldn't be Super-Rich

According to recent reports, the 10 highest paid healthcare executives in the United States earned a whopping $1.4 billion last year. That's an average of  $140 million each.

Meanwhile, tens of millions of Americans are struggling to get by.

“No matter how you slice it, the people at the top — the CEOs of these companies — are making enormous gains every year compared to ordinary Americans," said John McDonough, a Harvard University health policy professor.

Sign the petition if you agree that healthcare CEOs shouldn't be super-wealthy.

A 2021 study by the Commonwealth Fund compared the performance of the healthcare systems in 11 high-income countries.

Despite the massive paychecks hauled in by corporate executives in the industry, the United States ranked dead last.

Add your name to the petition if you agree that we must do more to curb excessive CEO pay – especially in the healthcare industry.

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