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Get Private Equity Firms out of Hospitals

NBC News reports the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Government Affairs has launched an investigation into how private-equity firms are jeopardizing the sanctity of our emergency rooms. This inquiry, led by Sen. Gary Peters, shines a light on the practices of Apollo Global Management, the Blackstone Group, and KKR following alarming reports from over 40 emergency department physicians.

When patients enter emergency rooms, they do so at their most vulnerable moments, relying on a system that should prioritize their well-being above all. However, the involvement of private equity firms is threatening this trust, introducing a profit-first approach that jeopardizes patient safety and care quality and even introduces unethical practices like improper billing and anti-competitive behavior.

This is a stark reminder of the systemic issues plaguing our society—where economic disparity and the marginalization of the vulnerable are exacerbated by those in power for profit. The Senate's active investigation into these practices underscores the urgency of our cause and aligns perfectly with our dedication to fighting for economic justice and accessible healthcare.
We cannot stand by as the fabric of our healthcare system is undermined by greed. It's time to mobilize and demand change.

Add your name to get private equity firms out of hospitals. 

The integrity of our emergency rooms, the frontline of medical care, is at stake. The Senate's investigation is critical, but our collective action can turn the tide. By standing together, we can protect patient care from the encroachment of private equity and reaffirm our commitment to a healthcare system that serves people, not profit.

Your voice is crucial in this fight. Protect our emergency rooms from private equity's grasp.  Sign our petition, and let's send a clear message: Our health is not for sale. 
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