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Expel Racist Republican Rep. Mike Collins from Congress

Republican Congressman Mike Collins is a disgrace to the United States Congress.

In February, he came under fire for proposing that the United States throw migrants out of helicopters into the ocean. As a HuffPost reporter pointed out at the time, Collins was "parroting a meme that's been popular among white supremacists and neofascists like the Proud Boys."

In March, he was accused of antisemitism after he shared a post from a prominent antisemitic account attacking a Washington Post reporter for being Jewish.

Now, he has approvingly shared a video in which a group of white college students taunted and mocked a Black anti-war protestor with openly racist attacks. "Ole Miss taking care of business," Collins wrote about the video, using his taxpayer-funded official Twitter account.

Racism should have no place in the United States Congress. Add your name to our petition urging House Republicans to expel their racist colleague Mike Collins from the House of Representatives.
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