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Expand Social Security Now

"America needs an organized, high-level effort to ensure that future generations can live out their final years with dignity."

That's what Blackrock CEO Larry Fink argued recently. 

But Fink's solution – private retirement accounts for whose wealthy enough to afford them – would only help a small fraction of senior citizens retire with economic security and dignity.

Instead, the United States should be expanding Social Security to increase benefits for all retirees ensure that every single senior citizen is able to comfortably retire at a reasonable age.

Add your name to the petition urging Congress to expand Social Security now.

As of 2024, Americans only pay into Social Security on the first $168,600 of their income.

That means anyone earning more than that per year is paying a smaller fraction of their income into Social Security than the average American.

By lifting the cap, we can afford to expand Social Security benefits and make retirement security a reality for all Americans.

Sign the petition urging Congress to expand Social Security now.
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